Social enterprises involved in the connection to water / sewer disadvantaged households can receive grants from the Foundation for the Development of Social Economy. Grants amounting to 10-15% of the connections necessary materials can be used to pay employees’ social enterprise (such racordarescazand an additional average cost of about 50-70 lei / household labor by eliminating integral) or for connecting families free of households / disadvantaged (determined by the municipality on the basis of social surveys) and some semi-public institutions (school, kindergarten, clinic, church). Also, where needed, for these grants can be paid and training / certification of local staff employed for works (plumbers).

An additional 20-30% reduction connection costs can be obtained by purchasing materials in favorable conditions directly from the companies producing partner FDES. Thus not only the connection will drop the price almost half that now on the market, but local social enterprises will become regional dealers of manufacturers of machinery and building materials can continue to provide the connection works at competitive prices and to neighboring municipalities or installation works for bathrooms and kitchens that locals and they will arrange in the future.



Social enterprises in Craiova and the neighboring villages will be promoted in the Community Exchange of Social Affairs Heineken that will be organized by FDES during the period 25 to 30 October 2012.

The event is funded by social responsibility program „HEINEKEN for Communities”

Interested organizations are invited by early September to contact us at contact@fdes.ro or tel. 0743070270 for selecting the 10 social business to be presented at the exchange.


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