Thursday, October 17, FDES organized in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Dolj and Resource Center for Nonprofit Organizations in Oltenia a seminar on „Corporate social responsibility and social economy”.

To the participants – representatives of the most important companies operating in Craiova, including: CEZ, ELPRECO, PAN GROUP, BRD, NETROM, POPECI, POLYSTART – were shown the catalog – Social Affairs of Craiova and methods of cooperation with local social enterprises programs to streamline their corporate social responsibility.


Working arrangements identified were:
1. Responsible procurement – social and green procurement
2. Funding for start-up costs (payment in advance of services / products, paying on time delivery of services, equipment and materials necessary investment for social enterprises)
3. Strategic Business Partnerships (commercial agreements or joint ventures)
4. Facilitating access to their own employees to social enterprise products and services on favorable terms.
All participants were invited to meet in person the social entrepreneurs (from Craiova) and their businesses – presented on both the catalog and launched at the seminar but also through the Romanian Business Exchange – on 22 to 23 October 2012 by the exchange of Social Affairs.
The seminar was organized in the Community Scholarship project funded by Heineken social business social responsibility program „Heineken for communities.”

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