Social Economy Development Foundation in partnership with Resource Center for Nonprofit Organizations in Oltenia (CRONO) opened the first social business incubator in Romania. It will serve social enterprises in Oltenia established¬†network within the project “Social Business Exchange Community HEINEKEN” -funded social responsibility program “HEINEKEN for Communities”. The 12 NGOs from Craiova who presented the Community Scholarship Social Affairs Heineken businesses in various fields (training and career counseling, construction, ornamental plants, crafts and objects / furniture wicker basketry, cafe, organization events, collection and recycling of packaging, health, home orders for peasant food products) will have an incubator with four workstations equipped with the necessary logistics development and social affairs to achieve breakeven. The incubator services will benefit other social entrepreneurs in the region of Oltenia Social Enterprise Network is open to any structure of social economy. The services offered within the incubator will be to train social entrepreneurs and social enterprises managers, legal counsel for setting up social enterprises and conclusion of commercial contracts, consultancy for development of business plans and investment financing, assistance in promoting and developing social affairs.


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